Explore the Next Frontier of Home Connectivity with Kaua‘i’s Technology Expert in Real Estate, Kepa Kruse

In today’s rapidly advancing world, where our lifestyle choices are shaped by our ability to connect and disconnect seamlessly, having a realtor who comprehends the complexities of networks, low-voltage wiring systems, and AV components is paramount. Meet Kepa Kruse, the ‘Tech Realtor’—the ultimate advantage for professionals in the tech and media industry seeking property in Hawai‘i.

With over 20 years of experience as an IT consultant and certified network admin/engineer, Kepa has honed his expertise in integrated smart homes. He now applies his skillset to real estate as a member of Hannah Sirois’s team at Sirois Kaua‘i, affiliated with Corcoran Pacific Properties. Kepa has proven to be an invaluable asset in navigating intricate tech issues during property transactions in Hawai’i. He is also one of the few agents on the island with the new Certified Crypto Agent (CCA) designation, catering to clients interested in blockchain-based transactions.

A prime example of Kepa’s expertise is his involvement in the recent $8 million dollar sale at 1811 Pe‘e Road, an exquisite property featuring panoramic coastal views and advanced smart home components. Kepa provided consultation on system design and installation, component deployment, network design, and optimization during the construction/remodel phase. He also collaborated closely with the ISP on service swap, customized the network, secured credentials, programmed automation, and explained the system to the new buyers at closing, ensuring a seamless transition.

But that’s not all. Smart homes are evolving to be more user-friendly, offering valuable insights, energy and time savings, enhanced property value, and unparalleled connectivity. As the future of real estate unfolds, more tech and media professionals are seeking homes with these cutting-edge features, coupled with proactive representation and clear communication within their real estate team. With Kepa Kruse as your ‘tech guy’ in the real estate industry, you can trust that you’ll receive exceptional service that exceeds expectations.

‘Whether they’re inside the house or connecting remotely, technological advances—from the Internet of Things to AI—are completely revolutionizing how people interact with their homes,’ says Kruse. ‘My role is to be the ultimate ‘tech agent’ for my clients, ensuring that connecting with their homes here on Kaua’i is effortless, seamless, and offers them the most forward-thinking in-home technology available.’

If you’re keen on discovering more about how Kepa and the team at Sirois Kaua‘i can assist you, visit www.siroiskauai.com.

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