Luxury design that celebrates the beauty of nature

Design Overview

Makahū‘ena Estates is a symphony of understated elegance that whispers an ode to nature. As mandated by design principles, here, every stone, roof, and pane revere the land and coastal environment. These principles are the guardians of the aesthetic charm of this precious jewel. Above all, Makahū‘ena Estates is a tapestry where human touch gently weaves into the natural splendor, creating a harmonious and inseparable picture.

Home Building Overview

Harmony with nature is enshrined through building massing, making these sanctuaries tenderly caress the earth rather than dominate it. Like a painter who reveres his muse, natural building colors are chosen with devotion to the land and entwine with lush, considerate landscaping to ensure the structures acquiesce to the coastal landscape.

Minimum Building Requirements

Paying homage to the sanctity of space, the residences in this paradise are spacious, with a minimum of 2,500 square feet of interior space, featuring covered lanais that call out for heartwarming gatherings. Lot coverage is limited to 10% of the size of each lot, with owners having the privilege of building 1 or 2 story residences and a separate guest home. Height limitations of a maximum 30 feet encourage humbleness.

Building Materials & Efficiencies

Each residence will feature exquisite materials that align with nature. Lava rocks, natural stone, stained wood, and textured concrete create an aesthetic that pays tribute to the earth it stands on. The embrace of dark earth-tones and nurturing greenery melds the structures creating a harmonious picture. The windows and doors are not mere openings, but the very eyes and heart through which the house connects to the world outside. Large windows are crafted with mullions or ganged smaller units that create a sense of balance. The finishing decorative elements draw from the rich history of the land. Energy efficiency is akin to a sacred hymn here, as Makahū‘ena Estates encourages the adoption of solar and photovoltaic panels alongside innovative building materials.


The Makahū‘ena Estates landscape palette provides the option of innumerable salt tolerant plants. Landscape architects will embrace the broad list of suitable materials that enhance the coastal and white-water perspectives.

Makahū‘ena Estates Development Timeline

  • 2016
    After receiving county and state approvals, infrastructure work commenced in October of 2016. The approved infrastructure plans took into account the archaeology, natural environment, cultural history and secondary impacts. Balancing of the site allowed for ideal homesites.
  • Infrastructure work completed.
  • 2021
    Makahuena Estates sold in bulk to present day developer.
  • Residential home construction commenced with a focus on coastal contemporary designs. Lots 9 and 10 commence residential construction.
  • 2023
    Lots 3 and Lot 5 commence residential construction.
  • LOT 10 completed and released to market.

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