Celebrating the Sale of ‘Ōma‘o Ranchlands Unit 5B: A Visionary Blend of Country and Coastal Living in Kaua'i

Celebrating the Sale of ‘Ōma‘o Ranchlands Unit 5B: A Visionary Blend of Country and Coastal Living in Kaua'i

We are delighted to announce the successful sale of ‘Ōma‘o Ranchlands Unit 5B in 2023. This unique 8.54-acre property, nestled on Kaua‘i's south shore, represents a perfect fusion of agricultural potential and proximity to coastal life. Situated just a mile from Old Kōloa Town and two miles from Po‘ipū Beach, this lot has provided its new owners with a rare opportunity to enjoy a serene country existence alongside the amenities of nearby towns and beaches.

A Dream Setting for a Custom Estate

Unit 5B offered an expansive and gently sloping canvas for the construction of a personalized ranch estate. The property was ideal for building a farm dwelling, barn, and various accessory structures, all within an agriculturally zoned and designated Opportunity Zone. This sale has opened doors for the owners to bring their vision of a pastoral yet convenient lifestyle to fruition.

Community Standards and Natural Beauty

As part of the ‘Ōma‘o Ranchlands homeowner's association, Unit 5B came with guidelines to ensure a cohesive and well-maintained community, while also offering the freedom to develop a unique and personal living space. The new owners now have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings, including views of the mountains, lush valleys, and coastal vistas, all set off the serene Kōloa Road.

Fenced Property with Utilities Available

This property boasted practical features, including the majority of its acreage being fenced and the availability of all necessary utilities. These aspects made the property not only an ideal site for residential development but also for agricultural ventures.

Proximity to Kōloa and Po‘ipū Beach

Unit5B's location within a mile of Old Kōloa Town and two miles from Po‘ipū Beach positioned it as a highly desirable property. The new owners can now take advantage of the short drives to these locations, enjoying the blend of historical charm, modern conveniences, and stunning beach landscapes.

Rarity and Exclusivity

The sale of Unit 5B was a rare opportunity to acquire one of the few remaining large-scale, agriculturally zoned parcels on Kaua‘i’s south shore. Its unique combination of size, zoning, and location made it a highly sought-after property.

The sale of ‘Ōma‘o Ranchlands Unit 5B marks a significant moment in Kaua‘i's real estate market. It represents the enduring appeal of properties that offer a blend of rural tranquility and easy access to the island's renowned beaches and town amenities. For the new owners, this property promises the fulfillment of a dream to live in harmony with nature while enjoying the best of Kaua‘i's coastal lifestyle.

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